51612617_10218074059753288_6644835704272584704_nIn the 6th grade I was bored in math class so I started writing stories. I’m guess I’m still doing that.

Ryan Shockey Davis is a New England writer exploring poetic nonfiction across mediums. He writes about forgotten lives, ghost stories, and obscure historical narratives. These stories serve as a communion with the things that linger in the corners of the mind- stray moments, emotional volatility, and familial conflict. Ryan’s artistic method is foundering into overwritten places and lives through writing and photographs.

In addition to publishing short essays and poetry, he is an analog photographer, musician, and mender of old things. When not making ends meet by writing copy and taking pictures, he can be found tinkering with mechanical things like bicycles, typewriters, and cars.

Ryan received a BA in English from Skidmore College and a Master’s in Publishing & Writing from Emerson College. He has lived in Dublin, Ireland and Boston, Massachusetts, but is currently itinerant.

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